207 Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 – Unit 9 – Period 61: Language Focus mới nhất

I. Mục đích:

Thông qua các bài học, giáo viên có thể kiểm tra kiến ​​thức của học sinh, đồng thời nhắc nhở các em nội dung ngữ liệu đã học từ Unit 7 đến Unit 9.

Nội dung ngôn ngữ thứ hai:

1/ Ngữ pháp:

2/ Từ vựng: Sửa lỗi:

bao nhiêu ?

giới từ

thì quá khứ đơn

thời gian

ít hơn ít hơn

3. Kỹ thuật:

Mũi Khoan Thay Thế, Mũi Khoan Hình

IV.Tài liệu dạy học:

bảng thông báo, hình ảnh

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Unit 9:Date: 29/01/ 07 Period 61  Language FocusI. Aim:Throught the lesson, Teacher can test students’ knowledge and at the same time remind them the language material they have learnt from unit 7 to unit 9.II. Language contents: 1/ Grammar: 2/ Vocabulary: Revision:How much?PrepositionPast simple tenseTensesMore, fewer, lessIII. Techniques:Substitution drill, picture drillIV. Teaching aids: Sub-board, picturesV. Procedures:T’S AND SS’ ACTIVITIESCONTENTT asks Ss some questionsSs answerT corrects and gives Ss marksT helps Ss to remind the model: priceT guide Ss to practice the dialogueSs practice in pairs.T corrects T helps Ss to remind the model: How farT guide Ss to practice asking and answeringSs practice in pairs.T corrects T presents some adverbsSs listen and repeatT asks Ss to practice in groupsWrite the verbs in the past and complete sentences, using the words givenT corrects and gives keysT has Ss reminds tenses: present and futureT remarks, correctsSs complete the open dialogue in groupsT correctsT presents using of more, less, fewerSs listen and copySs work in groups to practice (p/98)1/ Warm up: ( 5m) MarksWhat did you do yesterday?Could you tell me how to get to the post office?How far is it from here to to the post office?How much is a letter to America?2/ Activity 1: ( 5 m) How much is it? / p.95Dialogue:Mai : How much is the blue hat ?Assistant : It’s 15.000 dong.Mai: What about the yellow one ?Assistant: It’s 12.000 dong3/ Activity 2: (5m) : prepositions.a. Write the locations of the stores  - The shoe store is on Hai Ba Trung street.It’s next to / near the clothing store to the left. - The bookstore is on Hue street . It’s between the restaurant and the minimart. - The restaurant is on Hue street .It’s next to the bookstore to the left. (so on)b. How far.. - How far is it from the clothing store to the bookstore ?It’s 450 meters.4/ Activity 3: (5 m) Past simple tense.Adverbs: yesterday, last, agoa/ buy – bought help – helped remember – remembered take – took send – sent think – thought talk – talkedb/ I played.  I talked .. Mom bought me  Dad worked in Hue . I sent a letter to ..5/ Activity 4: (5m) Simple tenses.Open dialogue:Nga: help Mom / study EnglishMinh: Nga: watched TV / played volleyball / stayed at Hoa’s house Minh:Nga: will see a movie / will visit grandmother / will buy  New shoes6/ Activity 5: (7m ) more , less and fewer.Using superlative:More + (un)countable noun.Less + uncountable noun.Fewer + countable noun.7/ Homework: (3m)Review all tenses Prepare : Unit 10: A18/ Comments:..

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